I truly wish I could read these books!  "FLUENT" APHASIA
coverHow to Conquer the World With One Hand...and an Attitude. by Stephanie Mensh, Paul E. Berger. Brenda Rapp, Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University. "I think even those who haven't suffered disabilities or know people who have, will find this fascinating," 
   Hon. Leslie L. Byrne, Former Member of Congress and Director, White House Office of Consumer Affairs.  "It is the story of an ordinary person who becomes extraordinary in determination and humor...I was very moved by this book," 
   Dr. Martha Taylor Sarno, NYU School of Medicine. "The need to be redefined and develop a new 'self' over a long period of time is also an important contribution that many stroke survivor stories overlook or avoid," 
coverMy Year Off : Recovering Life After a a Stroke by Robert McCrum. The New York Times Book Review, Abraham Verghese  With its lucid, heartfelt prose, "My Year Off" gives voice to the millions of people who suffer from strokes. 

   USA Today, Ann Prichard, 12 November 1998 The reader quickly becomes engaged and eager for the outcome: Will McCrum walk, work, make love, conceive a child, regain his gift for language, drive a car or even walk to the mailbox again? The memoir is no malady-of-the-week downer. It is good reading for anyone who thinks about or has an illness, or is a care-giver, or who ponders change and the meaning of a meaningful life. 

coverReturn to Ithaca : A Woman's Triumph  over the Disabilities of a Severe Stroke by Barbara Newborn.

   At 21, Barbara Newborn saw a happy future ahead, but her carefree life fell apart when she suffered a severe stroke which left her paralyzed and unable to communicate. Supported by all who knew her, Barbara embarked on a profound journey of rehabilitation and self-discovery. This is the story of how she learned to live again, from her first difficult steps to her triumphant turning point. Today Barbara Newborn is Chief of Staff at the National Stroke & Quality of Life Medical Education Institute.

coverAfter Strokeby David M. Hinds, Peter Morris. A step-by-step blueprint for getting better--a unique program devised by a stress management consultant and the sufferer of 2 strokes. coverCaring for Someone After a Strokeby Rob Buckman, Jenny Sutcliffe, Robert Buckman, John Cleese coverWhen Someone You Love Has a Strokeby Marilynn Larkin, Lynn Sonberg. Offering straightforward and compassionate advice for caregivers, a helpful guide offers advice on handling related emotional factors, coping with speech problems, maintaining a quality lifestyle, and understanding treatments. 
Slow Dance : A Story of Stroke, Love, and Disability by Bonnie Sherr Klein Home Care for the Stroke Patient: Living...Home Care For The Stroke Patient: Margaret Johnstone Stroke : Questions You Have... Answers You Need  Questions You Have  You Need by Jennifer Hay (The Book was given to Margaret during my stoke.)
coverThe Diving Bell and the Butterfly :  A Memoir of Life in Death by Jean-Dominique Bauby, Jeremy Leggatt (Translator). On December 8, 1995, Jean-Dominique Bauby's life was forever altered when a part of his body he'd never heard of--his brain stem --was rendered inactive. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, his exquisitely painful memoir, is neither a triumphant account of recovery nor a journey into the abyss of self- pity. Instead, it is a tender testament to the power of language and love. At 43, Bauby was defined by success, wit, and charisma. But in the course of a few bewildering minutes, the editor in chief of French Elle became a victim of the rare locked-in syndrome. The only way he could express his frustration, however, was by blinking his left eye. The rest of his body could no longer respond. Bauby was determined to escape the paralysis of his diving bell and free the butterflies of his imagination...
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coverRecovering at Home After a Stroke : Florence Weiner, Mathew H. M. Lee, Harriet Bell, Howard A. Rusk ins "Extremely helpful."

May 28, 2001
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