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Summit County, Ohio - 595

Deputy Lou Albert - circa. fall 1973
By the way I am a "liberal"

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coverAbove the Law : Police and the Use Excessive of Force The now-famous videotape of the beating of Rodney King precipitated a national outcry against police  violence. Skolnick and Fyfe, two of the nation's top experts on law enforcement, use the incident to introduce a revealing historical analysis of such violence and the extent of its survival in law enforcement today 
coverCommunity Policing : Contemporary Readings   This collection reviews and analyzes aspects of community policing that have prompted increased attention at both the academic and practitioner levels. Twenty-two unique and influential articles address the vital issue of community policing. Historical and conceptual frameworks are discussed in several pieces. In addition, well known researchers explore in depth the challenges that face police officers in incorporating community policing strategies. Practitioners in the field explain their own experience with implementing the various elements of community policing. Finally, several scholars who have influenced the development and implementation of community policing examine future directions. 
coverBreaking Blue by Timothy Egan  classic piece of investigative journalism previously out of print, Breaking Blue is an engrossing must-read for anyone interested in   Northwest history. Timothy Egan's page-turning account vividly recreates the rough-and-tumble days of Spokane and Eastern Washington during the Depression, as it tracks an unfolding murder and a half-century effort to conceal the truth. 
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coverCorrectional Management : Change and Control in Correctional Organizations  This volume presents guiding assumptions, theory, and hypotheses for effective change and control in correctional systems as well as the management of correctional organizations. A key assumption in this work is that the persons responsible for correctional administration are effective to the extent that they are heavily involved in the change and control of the organization.  coverCorrections : A Concise IntroductionCorrections: A Concise Introduction  A valuable introductory treatment! This volume offers readers a concise yet thorough review of the correctional system. Policies, contexts, facilities, agencies, correctional clientele, programs, personnel, organization, and issues are covered in a reasonably priced, clearly written introduction to the complexities of corrections today. 
Policing in America
Community policing : how to get started

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  Criminal Justice Related Links - no Graphics

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