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Regular stores, mail order, and 800 numbers are just one of ways to buy!
Now the Internet is the newest way to buy.
I hope this "store" just like everything else in the Institute is the way
I communicate with the world through the internet!
If you are offended by the Internet and commercials are bad,
don't look.
I hope what I have selected is useful, neat or just fun.
 I hope everything is done in taste with the art

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The Amateur Radio Service Store!
The pho-tog-ra-phy Store
The Weather Store!
The 'Cat' Store!
Inca Art - Machu Picchu
Information about Peru and the Inca's 
Books, Music and Videos
related to Incas and Peru
The 'Dog' Store

Hiram Bingham

The Stonehenge Store
The Aphasia Store
Stroke and Diabetes Store
 The Criminal Justice Store
Stroke and Diabetes Store -2
The Flying store
This is part of the story of Lou and F/Stop Camera Corp.
Lou Albert
November 6, 2001
thought provoking quotes
Stoke and Diabetes
Aphasia, Stoke and Diabetes
Academic and Ph.D. Studies
Criminal Justice Work
Personal and more
 Inca Art
Machu Picchu
  Hiram Bingham
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