Lou Albert tests the door.Louis A. Albert - 12/31/97
My shoulder and back!
Sunday, 12/28/97, about 1 p.m. I decided to jump off the stairs in our garage. At 9 p.m. I had a brace and the doctors told me a I had broke my right shoulder. I went to the hospital, 12/30/97, and they said I broke my back. However, I think there is nothing except pain and suffer. At the moment I've learned how to use the left writing and mouse. Other than that everything else is fine except I bought a new radio and it doesn't quite work.

Well it worked I am improving but now I am having some kind of reaction to the pain medicine.  I have gained almost 25 lbs of water and look like a bloated sausage. Today my regular DR. gave me a diuretic and checked me again. I think if I could get rid of this terrible bloating in my hands, legs, and feet, I would feel almost human. I had Margaret type this for me as my aphasia is really bad right now. I hope to hear from you soon and please forgive any of my bad typing in further replies.  I hope to reply more often in the future.

I went to the bone doctor Thursday and he said I was doing quite well.  In fact he said I did need the sling much at all. But doesn't give me much sympathy. Some day it may even have more than 55% movement/ But, I am doing exercises!

My doctor told me to 4/16/98, that my shoulder is healed and I am able
to move it up and down but not back behind my back.

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May 28, 2001

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