Kenwood TS-790 All Mode Transceiver
Modifications for the Kenwood TS-790 NOT KENWOOD

 Kenwood TS-790 All Mode Transceiver

A combination of three high-performance all-mode transceivers rolled into one is the best way to describe the all new Kenwood TS-790A tri-band transceiver. 2 meters and 70 cm are built-in and with the addition of the optional UT-10 (1200 MHz) you have the ultimate in VHF/UHF communications. Power on 2 meters is 45 watts on FM or 35 watts on SSB. Power on 440 is 40 watts FM / 30 watts SSB. The TS-790A is the ideal radio for the serious satellite, moonbounce or grid square DX operator. Requires 12 VDC at 15 Amps.

All Mode
Dual Watch
Band Exchange
Auto Mode
Auto Rpt. Offset
59 Memories
500 Hz CW Filter
IF Shift
Dual Digital VFO's
Memeory Scroll
Memory Shift
Priority Alert
Repeater Reverse
RF Power Control
Speech Processor

Kenwood Amateur Instruction Manuals for the TS790A. (in a pdf format - slow.)

September 9, 1999
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