Frequency Coverage:144~148 MHz Rx,  144~148 MHz Tx
"Just sling it over your shoulder and go. To the top of the mountain or that remote campsite. True field operation performance for fun or serious emergency situations. The design of the 90 series chassis allows the final amplifer to be secured in the mobile mounting bracket, and the body can rapidly released with two side latches. Drop the body on the optional FBA-8 C-cell pack and you are instantly portable, a topside BNC jack is provided for the supplied rubber duck. The inovative design of the 90 series provides a full featured all mode mobile-portable that is truely universal and versatile."

Battery - 9 "C" cells about 2-3 watts.

13.8 DC 25 watts.

Detachable RF Deck for Portable Opertation. -  25 watts

June 5, 1999

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